Thursday, October 8, 2009

Travel to Pandeglang, Banten Indonesia

Banyak tempat wisata di Indonesia, para wisatawan manca negara lebih mengenal nama Bali sebagai objek wisata mereka, namun dalam rangkan kampanye Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang kali ini kami ingin mengajak Anda untuk mengenal objek wisata lain yang tak kalah menariknya di Indonesia selain Bali yaitu objek wisata di kabupaten Pandeglang Banten Indonesia.

Ada banyak objek wisata di kabupaten Pandeglang Banten, diantaranya adalah Pantai Carita, Ujung Kulon, Curug Gendang dan masih banyak lagi pilihan objek wisata yang bisa dinikmati dengan pemandangan yang eksotis dan romantis, Anda bisa pilih sendiri saat tiba di kabupaten Pandeglang atau mencari-cari dulu informasi seputar travel to Pandeglang Indonesia dengan kata kunci travel to Pandeglang Banten.

Liburan sekolah atau liburan akhir tahun tidak ada salahnya bersama keluarga untuk Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang sebagai salah satu study banding bersama alam asri Indonesia.

Oleh karenanya yuk mari kita bersama Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang

Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang merupakan longtail keyword yang diperlombakan dalam kontes SEO dengan hadiah sebagai berikut:

  1. 1 buah Note Book ACER Aspire 4736Z-421G25Mn untuk Juara ke-1
  2. 1 buah Blackbery Javelin 8900 sebagai hadiah untuk Juara ke-2
  3. satujuta rupiah untuk Juara ke-3
  4. 500rb rupiah masing-masing untuk juara ke-4 hingga ke-6
  5. dan 250rb rupiah untuk juara ke-7 hingga ke-10

Adapun waktu perlombaan dimulai bertepatan dengan HUT kemerdekaan RI yang ke-64 dan akan berakhir pada tanggal 17 November pukul 24.00 BBWI.

Nah bagi Anda yang sanggup bertarung untuk menempati posisi teratas pada mesin pencari GOOGLE.CO.ID untuk keyword Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang maka Anda berhak meraih hadiah-hadiah yang telah disebutkan di atas.

So, tunggu apalagi, jika memang Anda berkompeten mengikuti kontes SEO "Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang" ini maka jangan ragu untuk segera membuat satu postingan dan tembak keywordnya!

Selamat mengikuti kontes!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ski Vacations 2010 - The Choice Is Great

Before long winter holidaymakers will be looking at the latest ski holiday brochures to see what is available for 2010, and with the world in economic decline there's some good bargains to be had, in a great selection of ski holiday resorts.

Some skiers just want confirmation that the resort they loved last year is still the best place to go of course, while others like to change location every year, experiencing new ski challenges and collecting new stories to relate to their friends back home.

Either way, the choices are abundant and depend mostly on what the skier is comfortable with, whether it is a familiar resort or new ground.

If the annual skiing holiday includes beginners, Andorra, nestled in the Pyrenees, is a great choice. The interconnected resorts of Arinsal, Pal and Arcalis offer something for everyone. All three cater to beginner skiers and provide kindergarten facilities for the youngest family members not quite ready to don skis and take the plunge down the bunny slopes.

Arinsal and Pal in Andorra are actually now a single resort linked by cable car. One ski pass allows skiers to venture onto either set of slopes. In effect, wherever you are staying at the resort, you can ski from your backyard right onto the slopes. Snowboarders in Andorra will also feel quite comfortable whether they are beginners or experienced. Arcalis is about 20 kilometers by car from Pal and Arinsal but close enough to be considered part of the three-resort area. A fourth resort, Pas de la Casa, is also close by but tends to be much more crowded. However, it does offer very good value for ski holidays to Andorra if that is the major criteria in selecting a resort. With its numerous cafes, restaurants, happy hours and discos, Pas de la Casa tends to attract the livelier younger adult crowd.

For strictly family ski holidays the Kaprun resort in Austria is a good bet. With its beginner to expert slopes, myriad accommodation to fit every budget, restaurants and cafes, checking into Kaprun is the start of a great family holiday. Hotels and restaurants are noted for their child friendliness. Besides the skiing holidaymakers can snowboard, snowshoe, swim, play tennis and squash, ice skate, bowl and take a sleigh ride. Of the 59 runs, 31 are for beginners, and nine are expert runs.

Shops abound for those who want to take a break from other activities. You can even arrange to tour the Kitzsteinhorn glacier. One of the most welcome features is the short hop from the airport to the resort. Nothing is more tedious for skiers than to get off a plane and have to face a several hour ride to the resort. Not so in Kaprun.

With global warming and the environment a world wide concern, many skiers are beginning to make going green a criteria for their choice of ski holidays. If that is a concern, Les Arcs in France should be on your list of ski destinations. Take the Eurostar from London for example to Bourg-St-Maurice. From there it is a short hop to Les Arcs. The management is actively committed to maintaining preservation of the environment. At the same time the facilities are first rate, including accommodation for the youngest family members. Les Arcs has been awarded the Famille plus Montagne certification. Four star living quarters are the norm, and the restaurants and shops are among the best in the French Alps.

If the apres ski experience is what makes your holiday, then you may want to check out the Italian resort of Livigno or Austria's Bad Gastien. Livigno is just across the border from St. Moritz in the Italian Alps and through some quirk in geography enjoys tax free status. It offers excellent skiing because of its altitude. With 81 bars, restaurants and nightclubs, the apres ski possibilities are almost endless. Restaurants feature French, Italian, U.S. and traditional cuisine as well as the ubiquitous fast food. In other words, something for everyone's taste.

Bad Gastien is actually one of the grand spa resorts that just happens to be located in the midst of one of Austria's largest ski areas. The skiing is excellent, and the apres ski scene is more sophisticated than many deluxe resorts with its famous thermal spa and lively nightlife.

If you are looking for the perfect ski weekend, don't overlook Lillehammer in Norway. The site of a Winter Olympic, Lillehammer is a short hop from the airport. The hotels are first class and off slope activities include sleigh rides, tobogganing and ice skating.

Regardless of where you choose to spend your ski holidays, the choices are as varied as the splendid terrain. Take your family, take your spouse, go with friends. Whatever you do you will have a memorable experience to look back on for years to come - ski holidays can be great fun!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Travel Nepal - Food For Thought

Russian born, when I first came to Nepal, I wasn’t going to see the temples nor mountains that seem to capture the imagination of every traveler, and no, I wasn’t going for the food either. In fact, I was dragged here. You see, the first time Nepal caught me, was at the age of six, so the usual tourist highlights didn’t yet interest me. Frankly, Nepal didn’t interest me either. My mother and at the time her boyfriend were going to Nepal on vacation and to visit my aunt (mother’s sister) who had married a Nepali studying in Russia at the time. Though I do have a memory of the Nepal I saw in the 80s, it certainly didn’t leave on me as lasting an impression as the FOOD; for the little that I do remember, for the most part, had little to do with the Himalayas and Pagodas. My mother and I would later immigrate to the U.S. and I wouldn’t get a real taste of Nepali food, other than the occasional taste of achhar (a spicy Nepali pickle) or a rather "not the same" substitute Indian food, until I was 24 years old when the Nepali food, once again excited my memories and taste buds.

When I came to Nepal, this time in 2007, little had changed. My families view has been, that there was now more traffic, the cites were now more congested, but the core of Nepal remained the same. I loved it, but what did draw my attention were the tourists. Nepal certainly is more popular today, than it was then, and the flourishing tourist industry has sadly, in an effort to accommodate the Western tourist’s fear of trying anything new has obscured in my view the true taste of Nepal by making it too easy to abstain from Nepali food.

Not unlike the thousands of others that now come to Nepal to experience trekking in the Himalayas, I too ventured out to do the same. Granted, the area I was traveling through, the Annapurna Conservation Area, was the most developed trekking route in Nepal, but I was slightly put off by what I saw. The villagers that once only served traditional Nepali dishes were now offering pizza and Cesar salad among other typical Western items to accommodate the new age trekker tastes.

Maybe my views are different from most, but when I come to a country I wish to experience as much as that country has to offer. The people, sights and culture and certainly those that manage to achieve the above get a great deal of what is Nepal, yet at the same time, they are leaving just as much (pardon the pun) on the table.

I must say, that what to me is really close to fingernails on a chalk board, is the fearful tourist. I frankly fail to understand how people traveling thousands of miles to come to Nepal arrive with such fear of a bit of travelers diarrhea, which they will probably get anyway (treatable with simple over the counter medication and or over the counter antibiotics available in Nepal), that they dare not venture outside the Hyatt for a meal, all to miss out greatly. As diverse as Nepal is culturally, it is also just as diverse culinary. I think my aunt put it best, “the chances are, that the diarrhea that travelers get comes NOT from the Nepali food, but from the tourists asking a Nepali villager to prepare for them mushroom, sausage and olive pizza.”

I don’t know about you, but I trust a Nepali villager a lot more preparing what they know best and eat daily, much more than with trying to recreate Western food with intermittent refrigeration and ingredients “unnatural" to Nepal. Sadly, not everyone thinks alike, as I found myself, trekking along many dumbfounded travelers, who while on their trek, were questioning how they got the runs, after digesting a burger made from imported meat (beef or rather cows, are sacred in Nepal), swiss cheese and lettuce that got to their dining table along the same 5 day trekking route that they had just traversed. The moral of the story is, think with your brain, not just your stomach.

The issue alone, with not eating ethnic food native to an area would be of little importance had the problems associated with it been confined to frequent bathroom breaks for a passing traveler. Nepal is proud of it's cultural heritage, terrain and scenery and especially its food but it's the same "Eco-tourist" that comes to Nepal with notions of preserving all that is Nepal and "helping" the Nepali people (a questionable proposition as is), that is often the one seen eating the French Fires & Chicken Cesar salad for a meal totally unaware of how this affects the immediate (still largely trade based) local economy and the environment.

The extra preparation methods required in the preparation of these items certainly consumes more fuel, in an area where natural gas is often unavailable. If there is an increased demand for fossil fuels and uncommon food items, those materials have to be gathered or brought in from where available, increasing costs which eventually permeate through the whole economy.

Certainly those are not the only reasons to try Nepali food. The mere fact that it's delicious, has a lot to do with that. With so much to try, it's a puzzle in of itself as to why so many shy away.

Nepal sandwiched between China (Tibet) in the north and India to the south, has for thousands of years been the stopping point for travelers from both regions. With these travelers, came the food and the mixture of foreign influences along with local cuisine has created the Nepali menu but it doesn't stop there.

If one was to visit a website dedicated to travel in Nepal, they would without doubt find there a bit on how culturally diverse Nepal is as a country, having dozens of ethnic groups (a good place to learn about these groups is the “Ethnic Groups” page of Avia Travel Nepal), many with their own special food items.

There is the Newari, "sukuti" which is a delicious before dinner snack to have with drinks, featuring shredded dry meat (jerky), ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, salt, oil and some crushed green or red chillies for heat. Spooned out by bit into one's hand, the dish is eaten like one would eat peanuts, or chips.

Of course, it seems that every country has it's version of the dumpling. Called "mo-mo" in Nepal, it's a juicy, traditionally round shaped steamed dumpling stuffed with an number of things from chicken, goat (mutton), buffalo to vegetables and potatoes. Served with a spicy side sauce the dish is a favorite among Nepalis and travelers alike and is offered at what seems to be almost every food spot.

When traveling near and around rivers, you are almost certain to run into another delicacy that if found out in the west, would give the fish and chips fierce competition. This scrumptious snack, is the "tareko matza" (bam) an eel fish, usually no larger than 25cm (though other dishes use much larger specimens) battered in spices, deep fried and eaten whole. Truthfully scary looking at first, they are irresistible after the first bite after a dip into a side sauce. The fish is such, that there are no inedible bones and the smaller specimens can be eaten as is. The larger, can be easily rid of the backbone by simply pulling apart the flaky & crunchy fish once cooked.

Served with almost all traditional Nepali meals, is the Nepali staple of Dal Bhat Tarkari. A lentil soupy broth is poured over rice and served with any number of vegetables and or in some instances some meat. Usually vegetarian in nature, the dish, high in protein (lentils), carbs and vitamins is an important source of nutrition in Nepal. The usual meal in Nepal is either Dal Bhat and any number of side dishes to spice up the meal.

Nepal, like any other country, is not short on street food, the most popular of which in this case is either samossa or panipuri. Samosa, is a pyramid shaped pastry stuffed with a spiced potato filling and deep fried. Panipuris are golf ball sized crunchy, flower based, shells that are stuffed with the same potato filling that after being dipped into a flavorful sauce are consumed whole. Those in love with corn can at any time find husks being roasted on the open fire, turning the corn exterior a sort of chard, and crunchy consistency with a softer interior within the kernels, they are rubbed with salt and crushed chillies if desired. There also “chatpate” is the mixture of beans, corn, and any number of other ingredients that are mixed with spices and lime juice and eaten from a cone shaped paper cup.

Whatever the meal, they all have something in common. Spice! Nepali cooks are fond of spices, which are more often then not just that, spicy rather than hot. Of course hot is never off the options list. The Asan colorful market in Kathmandu, is popular with tourists and photographers for the wide range of spices for sale there. From curry, fungreek, ginger powder, garlic, cumin, the precious saffron and whatever you hearts desire.

Food carries with it a lot of the answers of what a culture is like. Nepali food is no different. Within it's tastes, textures and smells it carries history, reasons behind the Nepali daily life and many other answers if one was to simply look. There are religious festivals celebrated to welcome the monsoon season and it's no wonder when you consider rice farming and the fact that rice is the Nepali staple. Life revolves around food, and cultures are shaped by it. If you come to Nepal, immerse yourself don't be afraid to step out of your shell. Try the food it's good.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Where to go when you already live in a holiday destination

I recently returned from a holiday in Somerset. I have a friend who comes from the area and when he asked me how I found it and what I got up to, I smiled and cut straight to the chase, ‘the caves at Chedder Gorge are fantastic!’ At this point he began to smile. ‘Is it really?’ He replied. ‘I’ve never been, it’s for the tourists really.’

Consequently, this got me thinking. I’ve lived in Cornwall for 6 years now and I really haven’t made the most of the county being the prime holiday destination that it is. Take the Eden Project for example; it wasn’t until 2007 that I ventured the 20 miles to the eighth wonder of the world. And even then I have to admit that the draw for me was less than honourable.

I went for the ice skating.

My reasons for this are hard to pin down. One could presume that I am some kind of tourist-related anthropophobe, who simply can’t bear to mingle with those out-of-towners, all dawdling about, licking our ice-creams, and fuelling our economy with reckless zeal. Of course, this is not true. In fact, I believe the reason for mine – and my Somerset pal’s – inability to view our locality through a tourist’s eyes is due to two factors. One is quite simply to do with association, or familiarity to be precise. We associate the surrounding area with what we know well, and so there is a very little inherent excitement at the thought of playing in our own backyard.

But there are plenty of things to do in Cornwall. I know full well that the differences between a Somerset holiday and a Cornwall holiday are so slight (maybe the air temperature’s a little cooler?) yet I’m still subconsciously drawn to such aspects as the different place-names, the higher population, and the unmistakeable feeling of being a visitor.

Maybe my experiences of family holidays as a child have some bearing on this too? When I was nine I visited Disneyworld and wondered what it would be like to live next door. I could come here everyday, I thought to myself as we drove through Miami spilling pretzel crumbs onto the floor of our rented RV. But of course, once you’ve been on the Jaws ride four times it doesn’t take the novelty does begin to wear off.

Therefore I have decided to rediscover my own county. Even a quick browse of Cornwall tourist information highlights some starting points such as Tate St Ives, the National Maritime Museum at Falmouth and The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Cornwall deserves this old-friend status, like a schoolmate who reminds you of how you were the wittiest in Geography class. After all, what could be better than being surprised by what’s on your very own doorstep?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tips for Cheap Family Holidays

Nearly everyone is feeling the pinch in the current economic climate and unfortunately holidays and short breaks are one area that families are cutting corners with. Whether it is not going on holiday at all or staying in the UK.

Using Online Codes
Many travel websites where you book things like hotels and flights on the internet have boxes on their forms that allow you to put in promotional codes or loyalty/membership codes. There is a whole new generation of websites like hotukdeals and who keep track off these offers and let their readers know about them. So before you book anything online, it is worth having a browse and seeing if there are any promotional codes you can use.

Staying in the UK
This seems like an obvious tip and one you may have heard many times before, but there are a lot of great budget places you can visit in the UK which are just as good as overseas destinations. Places like North Devon and Cornwall are great for families who love beaches and coastlines. Granted the weather may not be as good as Spain, but there are some really stunning places to visit all around the UK.

Be sensible with your travel money
A lot of credit cards and banks will charge you a fee if you withdraw cash when overseas. But there are some exceptions to this as not everyone wants to take large quantities of money with them. Nationwide offer commission free money withdrawals with both its debit card and credit card. The post office also office a commission free withdrawal credit card.

Cheaper Flights with Supermarkets
Loyalty schemes such as the Tesco Clubcard allows you to convert points into British Airways air miles. So all that shopping you have been doing in the year can help you pay for your flights when the family head off on holiday

It's Business Time
There are a lot of hotels that solely cater for business clients so at weekends and in quiet periods like Christmas they end up reducing their rates to fill the rooms. This also works in some cities that rely on business customers like Berlin and Frankfurt, you can sometimes get five star accommodation for bargain prices.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Brazil Travel Guide: Glory Days At Interlagos, A Guide to the Brazilian Grand Prix

The Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace, better known as the Interlagos circuit, is one of the most notorious and talked about Formula 1 tracks in the world. A place where all the adrenaline of Formula 1 racing mixes with the buzzing atmosphere of Brazil’s largest city; a spectacle that, if you’re lucky enough to enjoy, will immortalize any Brazil travel experience.

The Brazilian Grand Prix in Sao Paulo brings a carnival atmosphere to an already frenetic city. This is one of the biggest annual events in the South America travel calendar; the streets leading to Interlagos are thronged with motor sport fans, international supporters from across the globe and hundreds of flag waving Brazilians.

Interlagos sits within a natural amphitheatre which offers spectators a clear view of the entire circuit, becoming a cauldron of noise and frantic activity during the build up to the race itself.

The track is considered unique for a number of reasons. Originally built in the 1930s on unstable land, the track soon acquired its characteristic bumps and inclines which put intense pressure on the precision engineered Formula 1 cars and their highly trained drivers.

The circuit is also one of the few in the world to follow an anticlockwise direction, putting even further demands on the drivers who are intensively trained to cope with strong centrifugal and gravitational forces pulling in the opposite direction.

As a result of the race’s special atmosphere, the physical and technical demands on racing teams and Brazil’s glorious weather, the Brazilian Grand Prix is unique in the Formula 1 season, guaranteeing to offer a constant barrage of entertainment.

The track is home to a number of challenging features, including the Senna “S,” a series of tight bends that were named in honor of Brazil’s own racing hero, Ayrton Senna after his tragic death behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car at the San Marino Grand Prix.

Also on the circuit is a long, flat straight known as Reta Oposta, a dangerous and thrilling stretch on which the cars frequently top 180 miles per hour.

It is this combination of features that makes the race at Interlagos such a thrilling experience, and which has given the Brazilian Grand Prix legendary status among drivers and fans alike.

But for those visiting on Grand Prix Packages, Brazil vacations offer much more than three days of motor sport excitement. The city of Sao Paulo is perhaps the most cosmopolitan spot on the entire continent, with many of the world’s communities and cultures represented in its population of 15 million people.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Museum hopping in Madrid, Spain

Most first-time visitors will see no immediate charm when visiting Madrid - the capital of Spain. Madrid does not meet the notions of either medieval stone cities or of mild summer night's passion. Madrid has sometimes been describes as being like Chicago, with Barcelona being more like San Francisco. This comparison is by no means taken out of thin air.

Madrid's second largest tourist attraction is its night life. This means the eating and drinking as well as dancing all night long. There are American tourists everywhere as they are a lot of them in Madrid. Madrid is quite an easy sell for American exchange students looking for a year abroad mostly due to the city's nightlife. In comparison, Barcelona becomes a chauvinistic mecca for Catalan culture. The smooth and happy Madrid surface hides - although you are able to see through it more and more - the old divides and deep unhealed wounds. It will soon be seventy years since the civil war ended, thirty years since Franco's death and the agreement to try to forget the past.

There are, however, plenty of interesting museums in Madrid for the culturally inclined to delve into. Here I will present three of the more interesting ones to visit.

Museo Sorolla - which is the home and studio of the nineteenth-century Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla (born in Valencia, 1863) - is one of the most pleasant museums. It is large and comfortable with a beautiful garden. His paintings are mostly pleasant - not very capturing or deeply engaging, but not banal, or insipid. He represents in a way, the bourgeois exterior painting's height, and it is evident in almost every canvas that he loved what he did. The address is Calle General Martínez Campos 37.

Museo de America is housed in a massive building from nineteen fifty four, which retro style is supposed to resemble an old mission monastery, and is one of Madrid's more interesting but overlooked museums. Found here is a huge collection of objects from the Americas before Columbus, with everything from battle axes and shrunk heads to the beautiful art objects and precious illustrated manuscript depicting the Spanish conquest from the conquered side. On display are objects from South and Central America - lootings from the Spanish colonization and later donations from the new independent countries. The collection is presented thematically (the knowledge of America, reality, society, religion, etc.) which without prior knowledge makes it difficult to keep the different cultures and eras apart. The address is Avenida de los Reyes Católicos 6.

Museo del Traje - the clothing museum - opened in 2004 in the former Museo Espanol de Arte Contemporáneo, an architecturally interesting building from 1973, to host huge collections of Spanish fashion from the fifteenth century onwards. If you want you can skip the history part and go directly to the haute couture-room, but for those who want to get some background info there is lots to take in. There is also a reading room, a bookshop and a new-Spanish restaurant as well as areas for temporary exhibitions, where fashion photography is often on display. The address is Avenida de Juan de Herrera 2.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Short Break Ideas for this Autumn

Unfortunately the summer is starting to draw to an end and people will be starting to think what they are going to do in the Autumn period. Whereas in the summer, you are after sunny family holidays in seaside areas, Autumn is the perfect time to cuddle up with your loved ones in a cottage. In this article, we will look at some great ideas for Autumn short breaks.

Shropshire is a hidden gem that lies on the English and Welsh Borders. The Romans first discovered that Shropshire is an ideal place to stay and rest and visitors have been returning ever since. The county offers great food and proper ales, which are prefect if you have just been for an autumn walk in the countryside.

Northumberland is another great county for a short autumn break. Lovers of the outdoors will find that the Northumberland National Park a brilliant place to spend some quality time with family or friends. Many visitors come to the area for the great walks, the coastline and to visit Hadrian's Wall. One of the best forms of accommodation in the region is a Northumberland Cottage, as they provide an extremely warm and cosy stay for the Autumn season.

Scottish Borders
As you can tell by the places mentioned in this article, we are not recommended city breaks or the usual family destinations and the Scottish Borders are no different. We are looking at the best places to take a nice relaxing autumn short break.
The rolling hills and moorland of the Scottish borders allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of your busy life. The borders are filled with stunning country side, castles, museums and charming villages.

Pembrokeshire Coast
Our final recommendation is the Pembrokeshire coast. Pembrokeshire is home to the only National Park that sits on the coastline. This makes for stunning views that include islands, lakes, woodlands and beaches all in one area. If you are after a quiet break where you are more likely to see wildlife than people, then the Pembrokeshire coast is the place for you. If you are lucky, you may spot some Dolphins and even Whales.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Issues, in cooperation with travel agencies

On the travel agent to make your vacation or business trip is always popular. You can use a lot of time and often a lot of money for hotels, flights and other expenses related to its journey. Nevertheless, it is important for the organism, if you have the highest level of service and best prices. Here are some questions you should always ask before any travel agency.

The first thing you want to know how long the agency has been in the business world. If you find that there was at least ten years, this is a good chance of them being an excellent relationship with most major hotel chains, airlines and that the need for a successful trip. Remember that you are not alone in this one of the factors, including the agencies, which for many years, maybe more than a niche supplier and is not suitable for their particular needs.

Together with the Agency has been in business we have learned about their disciplines. Questions, whether they tend to focus more on the holiday or travel in connection with the work, and if they work with families or individuals in connection with the planning of leave. It is also important to ask whether the relevant national or international travel planning. The answers to these important questions could lead to a reduction in the scope and recommendations of an organization can not do what you need.

They also wanted to know whether the agency is responsible for everything related to travel. Ideally, your body will not only organize the air fares and hotels, as well as take care of small details, such as reservation, car rental, tickets to local amusement parks and other points of interest. If you do not need a rental, is a good agent will provide buses from your hotel before booking. The advantage for you is that all you have to do is pack in a bag and displayed when the time comes to drive.

It is also important to invest in institutions, on the continued support during the trip. Make sure that the travel agent provides a starting point can be reached at any time of day or night. This is especially important if you are traveling outside their country of origin. Do you know someone who can help, if the machine is broken, the connection flight is delayed or if there is an emergency, has a short trip and return home immediately.

At the contact, ask if the agency has contacts on the ground or near your destination. Often these local contacts can be reached in an emergency situation within a short period of time, would be useful if you need help now rather than later. It is not unusual for local travel agents to develop relations in many of the most popular sites as an additional service to their clients.

Also, ask for confirmation of the packages. Many of the best travel agents to create a portfolio of clients every detail and every aspect of your trip. This gives you everything you need to transport timetables information for hotels and rental cars. Today, it is also possible that some agencies will provide a copy of the details, as well as electronic documents that are stored on your hard drive and a portable copy.

Do not forget to ask about the unusual details that need to make a trip successful. For example, the Agency should be able to tell you about the restrictions, based on travel with the passport and customs to be observed. This indicates that the officers responsible for institutions to know their destination and had no practical knowledge that is only slightly better than his own. The agent can clue you in details about the local culture, of all crimes is one of the most valuable tools you can use for travel.

In addition, the issue of travel insurance. Many travel agents will advise you what type and amount of insurance must ensure that for the trip. In some cases, the agency reports in place, it is possible through them. If so, you can reach the discount rate.

The conclusion is that when working with travel agents, all questions regarding your account. If you believe that the agency is not in their questions, I would like to thank you for your time and look for another place. In addition to service and support, the ability to build relationships and positive relationships with customers is important. Do not settle for less, no matter how cheap their services, how to be.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planning the perfect beach vacation

Each has a bathroom on the beach or just walk along the white sandy beach enjoying the beautiful scenery. Before you rush to the beach to try these tips:

  1. Save up to visit. If you are injured on the road, you run into problems, money, or maybe you can not regret enough souvenirs in the shops.
  2. Choose the right beach for you and your colleagues. Studies on the beaches, in their planning.
  3. plan the entire trip. This includes transportation fees, tickets and so forth.
  4. research on housing and the choice is yours. There are many online reviews.
  5. Choose your partner. They do not want to go to the beach, knowing with whom you give waste a day in May, be bored to death.
  6. Plan a route, if the beach is not the only place where you want to go.
  7. Make a list of what you should bring:

Extra clothing --
Guide, if you're not even from the
Favorite Swimming
Sets comfortable clothing, if you prefer not to wet
Sunglasses --
, Glasses, snorkel, fins, and if you want to work, these
including food and water, paper plates, disposable cups and napkins
alcoholic beverages, if you're with your friends. Just make sure that their legal status, and the driver, do not drink too much.
-Garbage bags
-, Camera, and a lot of movies and a lot of space on the memory card
big umbrella --
Beach Toys for Children
Books & Magazines

And do not forget to have fun and a lot of pictures.

Monday, May 25, 2009

How to save money on travel

There are many ways that you can save a lot of money on travel. Many people travel less these days because it can be very expensive and costly, especially for the whole family. Traveling with the whole family, it is important to do, so it is an opportunity in our busy lives to spend time together and fun. Our lives are so hectic that it does not happen often.

Save money while traveling is the planning and preparation. The longer it takes to plan their vacations, more time and research could be looking for a good part of your dream vacation. You must have access to a computer with Internet connection, since most of the great travel is seen online. You can use a travel agent to interrupt the search, but you must pay a fee.

The choice of travel destination like. Most of the tourist peak and off-peak hours, but if you live in a country that is not the high season, you can usually cheaper hotels, and admission to the park or a discount on registration, you can see and do. There are also tips on travel and finance read.

Here you will find many travel deals low cost, if you have flexible travel dates. If you can leave one or two days, you will save a lot of money. You need to research travel on the network sites to find the best deal. It can be very expensive to travel during weekends and holidays, but at least half of the week. You can use a direct flight and the time to get to your destination, or by bus.

If you are going to travel, you can save money, snacks, drinks and food on their holidays. This is so much that it is very expensive. You can also take advantage and stay in places that are free continental breakfast, which saves you the cost of one meal a day.

You can also travel in large groups to give you the availability to offer discounts for large groups. If you are traveling to a wedding or other special cases, call the hotel in advance if you can make the block a few rooms, usually a lower price.

There are many ways to save money on travel, dream vacation is within reach of a true reality. You just need time to plan, prepare and find the best deals.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Use This Strategy To Get Cheap Holidays

We all know someone like my friend Carol. She has done fairly well for herself and holds down a reasonable job. She works as a primary school teacher here in the U.K. but quite frankly her salary is nothing to write home about. Yet, (and this is the amazing thing), Carol always seems to be able to take the most remarkable holidays outside of term time. Amongst our group of friends she is known as the “supremo of cheap last minute foreign holidays” as she always seems to be away on some Caribbean cruise or safari in Africa. One of her cheap vacations last year wasn’t quite so glamorous - she visited Argentina and stayed in some metal shack type accommodation, but when you are literally booking holidays at the last second you have to be prepared to take the rough with the smooth sometimes.

All in all, I know that Carol has had some great experiences and doesn’t regret any of the holidays she has taken. She is the most travelled person I know, which can only enrich the lives of the children she teaches. A couple of months I invited Carol over to my house for dinner with an ulterior motive in mind. I had been curious about her ability to find the low-cost holidays for some time and finally my inquisitiveness had got the better of me. The moment I had served dinner I decided to ask her outright how she managed to afford so many wonderful exotic holidays each year. She stared back at me for a moment, with a somewhat perplexed look on her faced as if I was trying to pry into her soul for some dark secret she was keeping, then she merely gave the answer that I had been expecting all along. She told me she used websites like to source the best holiday at the best price. However there was more to it that this – to Carol what had started as a bit of fun had now become a regular pastime. Carol admitted that she spent a lot of her free time searching out the best deals.

Part of the reason for me asking the question of Carol was that I had a holiday planned and needed to find a cheap vacation myself. When I asked for her best tips she really surprised me. From what little she had told me so far that her methods I assumed Carol found all of her low cost holidays by searching the Internet. But this was not the case. It transpired that Carol had many contacts in the travel industry itself, and could receive a call from personal call from any one of them at any time with an offer of holiday a discounted price. Because they had known Carol for a long time, they were familiar with her requirements exactly, they were well aware of her personal situation in terms of here availability i.e. when she did not work and the fact that she would be willing to travel at a moments notice Because of Carol’s availability and willingness to travel, this made her a very good contact to have for the travel agents and this was reciprocated by the agents in that Carol’s was able to get some of the very best deals available.

If you are looking for cheap last minute foreign holidays and cheap vacations, keep a close eye on site like last That said, it is equally important to develop a close relationship with you local travel agent, making then aware of you exact requirements in terms of location and price and contact them often.

Author : Peter Craske

Top Ten Places To Visit In Egypt

There’s no other place in the world that holds more mystery than the country of Egypt. The smell of the mysticism of the ancient Egyptians still lingers over the place. This ancient atmosphere seems to fill its every nook and cranny with secrets yet untold.

1. Pyramids of Giza
And perhaps there is nothing more mysterious, and more worthy of seeing in Egypt than the esteemed Great Pyramids of Giza. These are the pyramids of Khufu, Kafhre, and Menkaura. These perfectly shaped structures leaves everyone in awe and in wonder about how exactly they were made, considering that the ancient Egyptians had no advanced technology to work with.

2. Sphinx
And of course, if you’re going to go to the Great Pyramids, then you might as well go to the Sphinx. This is one of the most mysterious structures in Egypt. Even now, archeologists are still arguing about its origin and its purpose, making it the subject of the famous phrase, “the Riddle of the Sphinx.”

3. Abu Simbel
These two temples were built by Pharaoh Ramesses II to commemorate himself and his wife, Nefertari. It’s a breathtaking place, and its temples are hailed as one of the most beautiful in Egypt. What’s even more interesting about the Abu Simbel is the amount of effort put into relocating and preserving it.

4. Cairo
And of course, if you really want to immerse yourself in Egyptian culture, it would be best for you to go to the capital city, Cairo. The place is teeming with bazaars and restaurants where you can buy your taste of Egyptian culture. It’s surely not a place to miss.

5. Temples of Karnak
What better way to experience ancient Egypt than to visit the very place where they worshipped their gods. The Temples of Karnak is the biggest site for Egyptian worship. It has a monument to just about every god in the Theban religion.

6. The Nile River
And of course, you can’t miss out on the famous Nile River. It is, after all, what nourished Egypt and turned it into the place of wonder that it is. In fact, what’s great about visiting the Nile is that you can take a Felucca and sail down the legendary river, taking in the sights of the city and the sunset.

7. Valley of the Kings
The Valley of the Kings or Biban El Moluk is the place where Egypt’s most esteemed pharaohs were buried. This place is teeming with mummies and undiscovered treasures. In fact, this is the place where archeologists found one of the most famous mummies of all time – Tutankhamun.

8. Egyptian Museum
Of course, since it would be unwise to leave the Egyptian treasures in the tombs they were found in, the archeologists put them in the Egyptian museum where they would be put under high security. If you want to learn about Egypt, this is the best place to start. There’s no other place with a higher concentration of Egyptian artifacts, and you can even follow the tour so that you can be oriented with the history of each of the artifacts.

9. Siwa Oasis
Egypt isn’t all about temples and pyramids, there’s a place where you can just let loose and have fun – the Siwa Oasis. Here, you can take a swim in the cool waters to ward off the desert heat. It is rumored that Alexander stopped here during his great conquest.

10. Necropolis of Sakkarah
And indeed, you can’t miss something as intriguing as a ‘Necropolis’ or, if translated, a City of the Dead. Here, you will find the less popular pyramids of Egypt, the step pyramids. However, though they are less popular than the great pyramids, they’re still suffused with great history and culture.

Author : Jonathan Williams (

Tips On Dealing With Jet Lag

Jet lag is an awkward side effect of jet travel when you cross too many time zones for your body's liking. Face it, most of us have enough problems when we shift just an hour to daylight savings. Follow these tips on avoiding jet lag to help reduce the effects.

Not all these tips are relevant for every trip, especially if you're traveling on business at short notice, but at least some of them should be useful for you.

1. Adjust your sleep time
Start helping your body clock to adjust to the new time zone by changing the times that you go to sleep at night and awaken in the morning. You'll start to become accustomed to the new times. Make the adjustment about an hour each night.

2. Set your watch
As soon as you board your flight, set your watch to the new time. We look at our watches an amazingly high amount of times, so adjusting the time as soon as possible will help your mind realize that it's changing clocks.

3. Drink water. Lots of it
Sure, you can ask the stewardess for water but they have hundreds of other passengers to look after as well. Buy a bottle of water once you've passed through airport control and drink plenty of water during your flight.

4. Say no to coffee and alcohol
They both act as dehydrators. So they'll help to dry up your body even more than the flight already does. Soft drinks or water are to be preferred.

5. Get some rest on the flight
Depending on how enthusiastic the cabin staff are, this may be easier said than done. And if that child behind you rocks your seat once more, then that's another story. If you get the option, a window seat or one in the center of a block of seats will minimize the number of people who need to ask you to move out of their way. Noise canceling headphones aren't standard issue on many flights, so if you are a regular traveler then treat yourself to a set. They really do cut down the disturbance of engine noise.

6. Go walkabout occasionally
OK, this is at odds with getting rest. But sitting down for hours on end isn't a good idea either. Walk up and down the aisles a few times. Not so much that you're pacing them but certainly go for this exercise a few times on a long flight. Just be certain not to time your expedition for meal or drinks or duty free services.

7. Adjust to your new time zone on the plane
If it's daytime at your destination, stay awake. If it's night where you are going, get some sleep. You can catch up on the in flight entertainment when you've got a bigger screen and better sound. Start adjusting as soon as you can.

8. Keep adjusting at your destination
Even if you've been on a plane for hours and hours. The sooner you start adjusting, the better. So if you arrive in the dead of night, get to sleep. A dose of melatonin may help here - it's a natural sleeping aid that's already produced by your body.

Author: Trevor Johnson []

Top Romantic Weekend Getaways

There are tons of places all over the world that are worth visiting; however, there are some places that are just more romantic than others. Whenever you are trying to plan romantic weekend getaways for you and your loved one, you may have a hard time coming up with the best places. That is why, today, we are going to cover some of the best romantic weekend getaways you could ever choose to go on. We are going to talk about the top locations around the world that just scream romance. Taking your loved one to any one of the places we are going to talk about today is enough to make their heart beat with joy.

The first place on our list is Malta. The Maltese Islands are a great place to go just because of how tranquil it is there. Not only that, but all the islands have this kind of charm to them that you just can not find anywhere else. Of course, the Maltese Islands are also very well known for having over 6,000 years of culture to soak up, which is sure to last you more than just one weekend. If those islands do not sound like a place that you want to go, then you may want to choose to take some of your romantic weekend getaways to the Greek Islands. The beautiful crystal clear waters and the breathtaking sunset have enough romance in them to last you a lifetime!

Of course, if culture isn't your idea of romance, then you need to check out Vienna, Austria. This is a place that has amazing historic cities that are worth taking a look at. However, the rich culture and, of course, the overall atmosphere of the place is enough to drive your love for each other sky high! From there, maybe you will want to go to Portugal. Here you would stop by Algarve to have the time of your life. The beaches here are enough of a reason to make you want to travel there, but the travel resorts around this area are spectacular as well. Not only are you going to discover a whole lot of things to do in Algarve, you may just discover a new level to your relationship.

All of these places are nice, and all of them have a lot of romance in their atmosphere. However, what place should you put on the top of your list? The number one spot that is king over all other romantic weekend getaways would have to be Paris, France. This is the city of love, after all. The city is full of very rich history and art that will blow you away. Not only that, but you can not have a romantic getaway without some great food, and there is no lack of great food in Paris. When you are in France, it is very easy to lose yourself in the moment, and that is what romantic getaways are all about. This is one of the best places on earth when it comes to spending some alone time with the person you love. If you do not believe it, then plan your next romantic getaway to Paris, France, and you will see why it is the most romantic place on earth.

How to Save for a Round the World Trip

One of the reasons that people avoid extended travel is because they assume it is expensive and feel they be able to afford it. This is untrue. One of the myths about travel is that it is pricey. Everyone assume that to travel you need to be rich because all they see on TV are advertisements for expensive holidays and think all travel is like that. But it isn't. However, travel can be very cheap. You can travel around the world for under $15,000 dollars for one year of travel. If you only go cheap parts of the world, you will spend even less.

That may sound like a lot of money but when you consider that covers all your expenses, it is actually quite reasonable. Most people spend more than that in one year. It also sounds impossible to save but you're wrong again. There are many ways to save that much money in a year. It simply requires persistence and making saving money a habit and priority.

That much money is is about $1,200 dollars per month, which is a lot but manageable if you curb you're spending and cut your bills. To save that much money you need to become frugal and cut out your extra spending. It is mind blowing how much money people waste each day. Cut out your extra spending and watch your bank account rise and rise.

The easiest things to cut out are your vices. One cup of coffee a day is $150 dollars a month. A pack a day smoker would save $210 dollars per month. A typical night out on the town can cost around $50 dollars or more in a big city, and since most people go out two nights a week, you could save $400 dollars. Already we have saved $400 or more dollars, depending on your habits.

Those are the low hanging fruit though. The real way to save money is to eat in and consume less. If you are an average person, you probably eat out 5 to 7 times a week. If each meal costs an average of $20 dollars, that is between $400-$560 dollars per month. Eating can cut your cost down to $80 dollars per week. That saves you a lot of money, since you probably already do some grocery shopping too.

Cut out your consumption and buy only things you need. That is the real secret to saving for a trip around the world. Buy only what you need and save the rest. People spend hundreds of dollars a month on little things that they don't really need- DVDs, music, movies, drinks, and a lot more. All of that adds.

If you only eat in and go out once a week, you will only spend $340 per month and save over $800 dollars per month just by doing those two things. To save more money, move into a smaller apartment or get a roommate. Even consider moving home if you have that option.

If you do all of these things, you will be able to save the amount of money you need per month for your trip by simply living frugally and smartly. Your associates may think you are living like a monk and, though it may seem that way at times, picture the prize you have waiting- one year around the world. The trouble will make the victory that much better.