Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planning the perfect beach vacation

Each has a bathroom on the beach or just walk along the white sandy beach enjoying the beautiful scenery. Before you rush to the beach to try these tips:

  1. Save up to visit. If you are injured on the road, you run into problems, money, or maybe you can not regret enough souvenirs in the shops.
  2. Choose the right beach for you and your colleagues. Studies on the beaches, in their planning.
  3. plan the entire trip. This includes transportation fees, tickets and so forth.
  4. research on housing and the choice is yours. There are many online reviews.
  5. Choose your partner. They do not want to go to the beach, knowing with whom you give waste a day in May, be bored to death.
  6. Plan a route, if the beach is not the only place where you want to go.
  7. Make a list of what you should bring:

Extra clothing --
Guide, if you're not even from the
Favorite Swimming
Sets comfortable clothing, if you prefer not to wet
Sunglasses --
, Glasses, snorkel, fins, and if you want to work, these
including food and water, paper plates, disposable cups and napkins
alcoholic beverages, if you're with your friends. Just make sure that their legal status, and the driver, do not drink too much.
-Garbage bags
-, Camera, and a lot of movies and a lot of space on the memory card
big umbrella --
Beach Toys for Children
Books & Magazines

And do not forget to have fun and a lot of pictures.